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About AXN

AXN features exclusive top-rated drama series, blockbuster features, reality programs and groundbreaking original productions. The channel appeals to a discerning audience seeking content that is smart, intriguing and unexpected, and all delivered close to U.S telecasts. From SEAL Team and MacGyver, to The Amazing Race Asia and Asia's Got Talent, AXN is defined not by a genre, but by an attitude that truly redefines action. In Asia, AXN is enjoyed in 38 million households across 17 territories and is available in both SD and HD.


About Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia (SPENA)

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks, Asia is a leading operator of ad-supported 24/7 channels including English general entertainment powerhouses AXN and Sony Channel; and Asian content giants Animax, GEM and ONE. SPT Networks' portfolio collectively features the biggest and best titles from Korea, Japan and the U.S that are first run, exclusive and aired close to the original telecast. Taking the content beyond the linear screen, SPT Networks immerses viewers in its premium entertainment via large-scale festivals, celebrity fan meets and social platform conversations. In Asia, SPT Networks' portfolio is available across 19 territories and in over 42 million homes.

Find out how can you get AXN channel on your TV in your region:

Available in Thailand on:

AXN HD on Ch 336
Website: www.truevisionsgroup.com
To subscribe, call:

Available in Malaysia on:

AXN on Ch 701
AXN HD on Ch 721

Website: www.astro.com.my
To subscribe, tune in to Ch 200 or visit www.astro.com.my

Available in Singapore on:

AXN/AXN HD on Ch 511
Website: www.starhub.com/tv
To subscribe, call:

AXN on Ch 304
Website: www.singteltv.com.sg
To subscribe, call:

Available in Indonesia on:

AXN on Ch 154
Website: www.mncvision.id
To subscribe, call:
1500 900

AXN on Ch 51
AXN HD on Ch 332

Website: www.firstmedia.com
To subscribe, call:
(021) 2559 6688

AXN on Ch 30
Website: www.skynindo.tv
To subscribe, call:
021 2967 8222

AXN on Ch 306
Website: www.nexmedia.co.id
To subscribe, call:
021-2935 2600

AXN on Ch 63
Website: www.myrepublic.co.id
To subscribe, call:
1500 818

AXN on Ch 301
Website: www.transvision.co.id
To subscribe, call:
5000 60

AXN on Ch 32
To subscribe, call:
Centre 0804 1 628749

To subscribe, visit www.dens.tv or
call 1500-780

Website: www.genflix.co.id
To subscribe, call:
080 41911 911 today!

AXN on Ch 509
AXN HD on Ch 960

Website: www.indihome.co.id
To subscribe:
Download myIndiHome from Google Play and App Store

Available in Laos on:

AXN on Ch 53
Facebook: Laosat DTH
To subscribe, call:
1855 or 021 228228

Available in Hong Kong on:

AXN & AXN HD on Ch 512
Website: www.nowtv.now.com
To subscribe, call:

AXN on Ch 502
Website: www.mytvsuper.com

AXN on Ch 373
AXN HD on Ch 315

Website: www.cabletv.com.hk
To subscribe, call:
183 2888

Available in Macau on:

AXN on Ch 62
AXN HD on Ch 862

Website: www.macaucabletv.com
To subscribe, call:

Available in Philippines on:

AXN on Ch 38
Website: www.cablelink.com.ph
To subscribe, call:
(02) 988-5465

AXN on Ch 121
Website: www.cignal.tv
To subscribe, call:

AXN on Ch 17
Website: www.dream.com.ph
To subscribe, call:
(02) 918-8000 or
(02) 705-3000

AXN on Ch 12
Website: www.gsat.asia
To subscribe, call:
(02) 812-0259 or
(02) 812-0212

AXN on Ch 49
Website: www.mysky.com.ph
To subscribe, call:

Available in Myanmar on:

AXN on Ch 72
To subscribe, call:

AXN on Ch 107
Website: www.skynetdth.com
To subscribe, call:
95 1 9010101 ~ 105

Available in Cambodia on:

AXN on Ch 33
AXN HD on Ch 87

Website: www.ppctv.com.kh
To subscribe, call:
023 880 028

Available in Sri Lanka on:

AXN on Ch 93
AXN HD on Ch 116

Website: www.dialog.lk/television
To subscribe, call:
94 777 678 700

Available in Maldives on:

AXN HD on Ch 523
Website: medianet.mv
To subscribe, call:
(960) 332 0800

AXN on Ch 43
Website: www.dhiraagu.com.mv
To subscribe, call:
(960) 332 2802

Available in Fiji on:

AXN on Ch 24
Website: www.skypacific.tv
To subscribe, call:
7555 5555