The Amazing Race Asia

Season 5

By Air, Land and Sea

By Air, Land and Sea

It's time to visit the Lion City! Leg seven starts with the teams leaving Vigan City and heading to Singapore. At Changi Airport, the teams must travel immediately to Resorts World Sentosa and find the Sea Aquarium.

"For a change, we are actually starting first in the Race…hopefully it will signify great things to come." JK, about starting first in this leg.

At the Sea Aquarium, teams receive their Roadblock task - 'Who's ready for an underwater show?' – One team member must dive into the open ocean habitat, pick a card from the chest showing the name of an exotic marine creature. Their partner from the other side of the glass must match the name with the correct photo of the marina creature. Teams are only allowed three tries or risk getting back to the line.

Eric, Maggie, Yvonne, Mike and Louisa will be diving into this challenge.

"Unbelievable! Three girls changed faster than one guy, unbelievable!" JK mumbles while waiting for Mike to change into his diving gear.

"I'm thinking that Treasuri must be an underwater fish genius and she would be done with this task first." Chloe about Treasuri during the task.

Yvonne picks Unicornfish and Chloe is able to identify it easily, making them the first team to finish this task. Treasuri guesses Harlequin Filefish, Black Blotched Fantail Ray and Yellowfin Tuna wrongly and they have head back to line. Parul and JK identify their marine creature correctly. It's down to just Eric & Rona and Treasuri & Louisa. Eric experiences some difficulties getting his diving gear to stay.

Once they complete their Roadblock challenge, they must head to Gardens by the Bay East and find the marked lookout station along the Skyline Promenade. At Gardens by the Bay East, teams realize that there are only two pairs of binoculars. Once the team finds the marked lookout, they must head to that building immediately for their next clue. Since JK & Mike and Yvonne & Chloe are there first, they strike up a temporary alliance to search for the marked lookout together.

"I scratch your back, you scratch mine. Good deal yah?" Yvonne & Chloe, about their unlikely alliance with JK & Mike.

Teamwork proves to come in handy as both teams quickly find the marked lookout at OUE building. Parul & Maggie and Treasur & Louisa manage to find the marked lookout without much difficulty, leaving Eric & Rona struggling at this task. Rona thinks she saw a flag at Standard Chartered building and they immediately make a rush there.

At OUE building, they receive another clue to head to Singapore Turf Club for their Detour task. In this Detour, teams must choose between "Skate Rat" and "Drone Hat". In “Skate Rat”, one team member must skate a slalom course on an electric skateboard controlled by the other team member, while balancing two trays. In "Drone Hat", one team member must skillfully navigate a flying drone 10 meters away and land it on a helipad attached to the other team member’s head.

Yvonne & Chloe go for "Skate Rat" and JK & Mike choose "Drone Hat". The beauty queens find that swerving through the obstacles is not as easy as it looks. JK & Mike face some trouble in the beginning but once JK gets the hang of controlling the drone, he manages to land it in no time.

Once teams complete the Detour, they must make their way to the moving Pit Stop located in three areas at Marina Bayshore.

Parul & Maggie decide to choose "Drone Hat" as neither one of them can skate. Parul gets increasingly frustrated as she struggles to control the drone. After a few failed attempts, they decide to change task and go for "Skate Rat" instead. Treasuri & Louisa are equally frustrated at "Drone Hat" but they manage to land the drone at the last minute.

While the four teams are doing their Detour, Eric & Rona are lost in the city district trying to look for the marked lookout.

"And then what are you gonna do, what are you gonna do, what you gonna do?" Eric yells in frustration.

JK & Mike, making up for time with their quick success at the Detour challenge, manage to reach the Pit Stop first. They are immensely proud of themselves to come in first in their own country. Yvonne & Chloe reach the Pit Stop at second place while Treasuri & Chloe are third.

"So we are on our way to the Pit Stop and we gotta see Allan. Parul's gotta look good for Allan and his dimples." Maggie says, while doing her make-up in the taxi.

Maggie & Parul are fourth at the Pit Stop.

Eric & Rona finally find the marked lookout and they rush to Singapore Turf Club for their Detour challenge, choosing "Drone Hat". Despite finishing the task relatively quick, they are still the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop.

Fortunately, this is a predetermined non-elimination leg and Eric & Rona are still in the Race.

"I just couldn't believe the feeling. What a miracle!" Eric proclaims in relief.