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Andrea Loh Ern-Yu

Actor Name: Andrea Loh Ern-Yu

Age: 25
Nationality: Singaporean
Marital status: Single
Education: Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from National University of Singapore
Current Occupation: Lawyer

“I take a task more seriously when I realize there is a competitive element. I always examine what edge the winner had over me and make a mental note for the future.”

Having always dreamt of being a lawyer, Andrea has now fulfilled her dream practicing law in her first full-time job, specializing in civil and commercial litigation. A few months into the job, she worked on a $250 million real estate financing deal which opened her eyes to high level negotiations. She has also been involved in two vastly different businesses - a theatre start-up, and a champagne manufacturing/ distribution company which is still running.

Andrea’s independent streak manifests itself when it comes to her chronic wander lust – she always travels solo and has proven that she can stand up for herself . During a trip to Laos, the feisty young lady boldly decked a rugby player who got too close for comfort.