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Celina Le Neindre

Actor Name: Celina Le Neindre

Age: 30
Nationality: Filipino
Marital Status: Single
Education: Philippine School of Culinary Arts, Master Chef Program
Occupation: Food & Beverage Consultant

“I’m a sore loser but I enjoy a good challenge. I pout and even get angry with myself. I grew up being used to winning, and getting what I want.”

Celina is quite the globe trotter. Growing up, she followed her father, a General Manager for a large hotel chain, as he was transferred from France to Tanzania and the Philippines. Following her passion for hospitality and tourism, she started off in the South of France by washing dishes and scrubbing the toilets! This was in part inspired by her father, who worked from the bottom up in his 40 years of career, from a bellboy to the General Manager.

She is now a food and beverage consultant for a steakhouse, and has also created and managed her own pasta bar which ran for three years in the Philippines.