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26 Jul, Wed
They Rap! They Beat-box! They Make Girls Cry!
Season 1
Episode 7
27 Jul, Thu
An Immature Girl, A Scheming Man, and A Fake Tony Fernandes!
Season 1
Episode 8
28 Jul, Fri
And Then, There Were Two.
Season 1
Episode 9
29 Jul, Sat
Bonnie And Clyde Organize a Charity Ball
Season 1
Episode 10
1 Aug, Tue
Season 1
Episode 11


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Dian Krishna Mukti

Actor Name: Dian Krishna Mukti

Age: 36
Nationality: Indonesian
Marital status: Married
Education: Master of Arts (Mass Communications) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Current Occupation: Housewife

“I only dream about meeting successful people. If I am given the opportunity to work within an organization as well-oiled as Tony Fernandes’ team, I will cherish that.”

Dian is a familiar face to many in Indonesia, having been a news anchor on local TV stations for over six years. The former Miss Indonesia 2003 and Mrs Indonesia 2010 has since taken on the role of a ‘homeland engineer’, her spirited take on managing a household of three. Dian looks up to her dad, a director of a state-owned enterprise in Jakarta, who lives by the old school business method of standing by ‘handshake agreements’. To Dian, relationships and integrity in business mean more than money-making.