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Kathleen Tan, The Advisor

Actor Name: Kathleen Tan

Chief Executive Officer of Expedia Asia, the world's leading online travel company. A dynamic business leader, opportunistic marketer, and innovative thinker, Kathleen has helped build AirAsia while serving as Tony Fernandes’s right-hand woman. As a pioneer among Asian airlines in social media, Kathleen led AirAsia’s social media development which is now ranked as the most social airline in Asia-Pacific and one of the top worldwide. Now, she's on a mission to take Expedia Asia to even greater heights.

Kathleen is an avid social junkie herself, actively engaging on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter). Her Weibo account has over 200,000 followers and is now ranked as a top 2000 most influential account out of 300 million members. Follow her on Facebook and get to know her better.