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Desperate to find a new angle into the case of the Minnesota Shrike (a serial killer who targets and removes the organs of young women), FBI Special Agent Jack Crawford recruits unorthodox profiler Will Graham, whose ability to empathize completely gives him a unique insight into crime scenes. Noted psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter is also invited to assist when a copycat killer escalates the case. Originally consulted on Will’s psychological health, Hannibal delights at the chance to see, and influence, the inner workings of the FBI. Will identifies Garret Jacob Hobbs as the Shrike, but Hannibal throws the takedown awry by tipping off Hobbs.  Will and Hannibal arrive at Hobbs’ house as he slaughters his own family; Will has no choice but to gun down Hobbs as he cuts his own daughter’s throat. It is Will’s first kill, and something that will haunt him … ensuring Hannibal an intriguing new patient.