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Will Graham awaits trial, accused of being the Copycat Killer (episode 113), while Dr. Alana Bloom files a less-than-flattering report on Jack Crawford’s conduct relating to Will. Jack, who is under stress and understaffed, goes to Hannibal Lecter for help when resin-coated bodies are found in a river. Hannibal gladly assumes Will’s mantle as BAU consultant. Agent Beverly Katz, setting aside her suspicions of Will’s guilt, secretly utilizes his uncanny insight to help on the case. From the crime scene photos, Will deduces that the killer is creating a color palette out of his victims, and the bodies they discovered are simply the discard pile. Dr. Bloom assists Will in recovering lost memories, including the explanation of how Abigail Hobbs’ ear ended up in his stomach (the damning piece of evidence from episode 113 that landed Will in custody). Will is anxious to share with Jack his reclaimed memory, and its implications against Hannibal, but Jack dismisses Will and his accusations.