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Waking up from a blackout, Will vomits up a human ear. Tests prove it was Abigail’s, but Will has no memory of events after Abigail left him at her father’s cabin (episode 112). Zeller, Price, and Katz awkwardly process Will at the FBI, while Jack, Alana, and Hannibal discuss possible causes for Will’s complete mental break—could it be encephalitis, or is Will capable of faking psychological tests to cover his true serial killer nature? Evidence found at Will’s home links him to the murders of Marissa Schuur, Nick Boyle, Dr. Sutcliff, and Georgia Madchen—all pointing to Will himself being the Copy Cat killer. In a desperate attempt to prove he’s being framed, Will escapes and takes Hannibal to Minnesota to discover the truth about Abigail, while Jack races to reach them before anyone else gets hurt.