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Our team is called in when a body is found in a meadow, the cranial cavity converted into a beehive. Meanwhile, Beverly Katz continues to work on the mural killer case, secretly consulting with Will Graham to decipher the killer’s human tapestry. Will insists that the killer was put in the mural by Hannibal Lecter, and urges her to prove that Hannibal is the real Chesapeake Ripper and Copycat Killer.

Continuing his own search for answers, Will submits to drugged interviews with Dr. Chilton to regain his lost memories. Will recovers a series of crucial ones, including one in Hannibal’s dining room where Hannibal seemingly admits to Dr. Able Gideon that he is the Chesapeake Ripper.

When a second victim of the beehive killer is found alive, one particular clue tips Beverly to the missing piece of the mural case. Will advises Beverly to bring her findings to Jack, but Jack has more pressing issues—Bella’s cancer has progressed and she attempts to kill herself with an overdose, but is saved by Hannibal. Without telling anyone, Beverly breaks into Hannibal’s house, searching for the final clue, but is caught in the act…