Dubai Ultimate Challenge

The Ultimate Adventure begins in Dubai!

Mondays and Wednesdays
at 7.40pm (6.40pm JKT/BKK)
Mondays and Wednesdays
at 7.40pm (6.40pm JKT/BKK)
Mondays and Wednesdays
at 7.40pm (6.40pm JKT/BKK)


The only team of guys in Dubai, this dynamic duo from Team Indonesia will flex their muscles and wit, as they go all out to be gracious gentlemen and worthy winners of the Dubai Ultimate Challenge.

Ammar Zoni

Ammar Zoni is everything you'd want in an actor and casual vlogger: adventurous, goofy and spontaneous. Listing his marriage to his wife, Irish Bella, as his greatest accomplishment, he's thrilled to begin experiencing Dubai, and in particular, diving from the skies.

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Edho Zell

Edho Zell is a passionate vlogger, artist and foodie. Once a café cashier, the self-professed fun family man is now the proud owner of 3 companies. More importantly, he's looking forward to the awesomeness that is Arabic food in Dubai.



Beautiful and bright, these talented actresses from Team Malaysia can certainly glam it up for the cam. But don't let their acting fool you - they came to Dubai to win.

Sharifah Sakinah

Sharifah Sakinah may seem mysterious, but is witty and fun. Named as one of the top 100 in the Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs Awards and winner of multiple acting awards in her illustrious career, she can't wait to explore the beautiful, panoramic outdoors of Dubai, experience its culture and indulge in its delicacies.


Siti Saleha

Siti Saleha is an independent, spontaneous actress with a strong sense of humor. Having flexed her vocal and creative muscles in support of her community through performing for charity, and helping drive donations for cancer research in Malaysia, she's now ready to rediscover Dubai, meet new friends and have fun.



The perfect combination of poise and passion, the accomplished ladies from Team Singapore aren't afraid to strike a pose while striking fear into the hearts of their challengers.

Melissa Celestine Koh

Melissa Celestine Koh is the founder and curator of her own lifestyle portal. An explorer, mother and all-round fitspo, she's ready to fall in love with Dubai.


Sophia Chong

Sophia Chong is an adventurous, independent snack junkie. Having followed her heart and realised her dream of building up a business from nothing, she's psyched to dive into Dubai and tick off adventures from her bucket list.